Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Live. Laugh. Love. Part 2


During the first few months, naturally, I was so depressed. Whenever I look at myself in the mirror, I was a complete mess! If I tried to smile, my eyes revealed that I was hallow inside. Totally lifeless.

I needed some fun... things and people that will put back its meaning to my smile.

Travel. One thing that I've always wanted but never really had the time to do it. So I booked flights one after the other. Ilocos; Palawan; Cebu; Boracay; Cam Sur.

I had to create new memories. I have even forgotten how great it was to share a few good laughs with my friends!

In my travels, I learned to appreciate MYSELF, i have also, I realized that happiness and peace should both come from within.

I started seeing things in a different light. Being thankful for the littlest things. Laugh at the silliest jokes and forgive myself for my mistakes.

I even started to change my clothes, hair, etc. See the 360 degrees transformation yourself.

From this:

To This:

So as I went over my old pictures, I can't even recognize who I was before. I have changed 360 degrees! Can't imagine myself going through the boyish phase! Makes me laugh and squint each time I look at my "Before" photos.

I have become more confident with my sexuality now. I learned that not because I'm a lesbian, I have to dress up like one. :)

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