Thursday, March 11, 2010


Have you ever tried to do your best to make that one person stay? That you've exhausted every effort just to let him/her know that no one else in this world is worth loving other than yourself? But despite every ounce of your energy pleading her to come back, she still would look into your eyes and tell you 'No, I've made my choice.... I can't do this anymore'.....

She could have outgrew the love she once felt for you. Or probably she found someone new. Worst possible scenario: She might not have loved you at all.

So many reasons, so little explanation. You've tried to recount every detail of what happened in the past weeks or months. Going over little things in your head and asked yourself these questions: Where have I gone wrong? Why didn't I see this coming? Have I been trusting her too much? etc.

Despite numerous reasons that you can think of, it still boils down to this reality: SHE IS GONE......

Now it's time for you to move on.

When you look at the mirror, can you still recognize the person staring back at you? The one who used to be so happy, so in love, has been replaced with a ghostly figure. You try to ignore your friends' call (because you can't tell them how it all happened since right now, you're clueless as well), moping around all day, crying over your ex's pictures and letters, checking her Facebook account to see if she changed her Relationship Status to Single?

Awwww, come on! Stop patronizing the pain. Would it help you to know that she has found another to replace you? Would your heart stop bleeding if you tell everyone that she has hurt you and say bad things about your ex just to get back to her? Would things go back to normal if you still pretend that nothing happened and stalk your ex wherever she goes or check her emails and other accounts to see if she has changed her password or deleted your pictures?

If you've done everything to make her stay, then try to accept the fact that you're no longer together.It's never wrong to give it all out for love; neither to love a person so much. Sometimes, the only thing wrong is the person you have chosen to love.

Letting go is another way of telling the person how you love her so.

So now you have to think about how you can stand on your own. I'm not asking you to stop hurting. I ask you to be brave. To be strong. No one else can help you at this point if you choose not to help yourself.

Try your hardest to refrain yourself from seeing her nor communicate with her. If she goes to the same school, same workplace or even if you have the same sets of friends, try to avoid her. Ask your friends to support you and respect that you're in the process of healing. If your ex wants you to be friends, tell her she's not helping. Easy for her to offer her friendship since she's the one who left you. No one knows how hard it is to wake up each morning and drag yourself out of bed dreading how you could last the day without even crying or thinking about her. But then even if she's the only person that can make you happy, try to move on. Remember, she CHOSE to leave, and that means she'll continue her life without you.

When someone tells you to stop crying, tell that person to LEAVE YOU ALONE! Let go of your emotions. You have every right to feel vulnerable. No one else knows the pain that you're going through. It's like you're slowly dying inside each time someone mentions her name or when you see something that reminds you of her. One day, these feelings will help you realize that you're done hurting yourself and soon you'll pick up the pieces where you left off.

I've had my own share of heartaches. Some happened as early as my teens. There were times that I had to deal with the pain in my own little ways. I tried my best to keep my chin up. For I know, that it would not be the end of the world for me.That someday, it'll be my turn to be happy.

I've tried to drown my loneliness with booze, started dating and flirting with others, cried over every love song I heard, cursed, etc. But I can't hide the fact that I was still in pain. I tried to endure it. I kept hurting till it hurts no more. I cried till there's no more tear left to cry

Just think about this: We often times meet the wrong ones before meeting the right one so that we will be thankful that that person came to our life.

It's just that sometimes, promises are broken.The world won't stop spinning just because you stopped believing...

I loved. I got hurt. I survived.

Believe in yourself that someday, you too will be okay.

Take one small step at a time.... take your time to heal....

Let her go .....


Craving for seafood????????

Well then, one place comes to mind... DAMPA of course!

After planning our scheds, me, my gf and her officemates went to Dampa in Macapagal at around 9:30 am.

When we arrived, we had to find a restaurant that's open earlier than usual. We also had to consider that after eating, we'd belt out on their videoke. When we found the perfect spot, we're now off to the market!

Just a few steps away,  we found what we're looking for... SEAFOOD.. SEAFOOD,.... and more SEAFOOD!

We took our pick. Prices for shrimps range from P300 - P500 a kilo. Crabs sell @ P200/pc. Mussels are @ P90/kilo... Fishes' prices vary .. There were meat stalls but we walked right passed them.... not interested w/ pork, beef and chicken at the moment... 

Make sure to haggle! Some vendors tend to overprice.......

In choosing crabs, pick the female! It has more meat!

Then we went back to the restaurant to give instructions on how we want our meal to be prepared.

Everything was cooked to perfection! 

I was so full that day I didn't even enjoy the videoke much.... hahahaha.. 

So what are you waiting for? Call your friends and plan ahead! Don't miss out on this yummy experience!